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Here are some of the more important components that make up search engine optimization services.

1. Title Tag Optimization

Title Tag Optimization

If you want to have a compelling title tag, you should follow best practices that include things like length and keyword usage. Your title tag can affect the click-through rate (CTR) of your pages, so it’s crucial that you craft one that intrigues users.

You also want to use a title tag checker tool to ensure that your title tag is the right length. Otherwise, it could get cut off in search results and a decrease in effectiveness.

Google wants to be sure that the content it selects to rank highly is the most beneficial to searchers, which is why you should also use your top keyword at the front or beginning of your title tag.

2. Meta tag optimization

Meta ags, or meta descriptions, are the text that shows up under your title tag in search results.

Meta Tag Optimization

They give users an idea of what they’re about to read and help them decide whether to click to your website.

Like title tag best practices, you’ll want to make sure that your keywords show up at the beginning of your meta description, and that in total, it’s about 160 characters (including spaces).

Keep in mind that Google might not always choose to use your written meta description, though. If they think that there is a snippet in your copy that better describes your page for users, they can pull that instead.

3. Headings

Headings help users understand the hierarchy of your site content.

Optimizing your content headings is a crucial element of any SEO services list since it not only helps users understand your page, but also Google.

You should feature headings on your page starting with an H1, and continue utilizing headings in order from H2, H3, H4, and so on.

Using your keywords in your H1 is critical.

Typically, search engines look at your H1 to determine the category and context of your content. Not to mention, H1s help Google determine how relevant your content is to a specific topic.


The writers of this article were likely trying to target the following keywords:

  1. “popular hair salon services”
  2. “most popular hair salon”
  3. “most popular hair salon in New York City”

Their H1 let’s search engines know.

Your other headings should follow in chronological order and feature different variations of your core keyword.

4. URL optimization

Another strategy that should be on every SEO services list is URL optimization.

URL Optimization

You should always consider including your target keyword in your URL while trying to keep it short and sweet. Long URLs tend to be overwhelming, whereas short, tidy ones look more approachable in search engines.

5. Image optimization and alt tags

Images are an essential part of your website pages.

They not only add interest to your content but keep users engaged.

Optimizing your images is another strategy that should show up on any SEO services list, but how can you optimize your images?

First, make sure you compress your images.

Uploading huge files to your site pages makes them load slower, and the slower your pages, the less likely users are to stay. There are a wide variety of tools that you can use, like SMUSH, to compress your images without compromising quality.

Speaking of quality, you’ll also want to optimize your images by ensuring they’re high quality. When you upload grainy, low-quality images to your site, it makes users question the quality and trustworthiness of your website.

Finally, optimize your images with alt tags.

GMB also links to local SEO since it helps you attract customers near your brick-and-mortar store. It’s one of the best strategies to make an SEO service list, simply because when your GMB listing shows up in search, you’re at the top of search results.

GMB Example

3. Implementing a blog on your site

Implementing a blog on your website is a great off-page SEO strategy.


Because a blog helps you create a database of linkable content that you can post on social media and share in emails. Not only that, but it provides excellent content for users to share as well — proving to Google that you’re a leader in your industry.

That blog content is a great way to get users back to your site to learn more or make a purchase. Blog implementation as a whole is one of the best SEO services you can utilize.

4. Creating linkable infographics

Creating custom infographics to help you explain complex ideas for your site is another must-use SEO service list strategy.

Not only do they help engage users and keep them on your site pages, but they’re also a great piece of sharable content that other high-quality websites can link and share.

When other users link to your content, it helps you gain links, which benefits your domain authority among other valuable metrics. These metrics can help you rank higher in search results.

5. Networking with high-quality sites

When you talk to and network with respected industry leaders, you can build relationships that can improve your SEO. Although that might sound like a stretch, hear us out.

When you network with high-quality businesses, you can encourage them to link to your content and share your graphics. Not only does this help your site from an SEO standpoint, but it also helps to increase brand awareness.

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